being there

This is an ongoing project; I intend to continue working on this series throughout 2021: photographing artists, gallerists, curators and generally people in fine arts.

Susan Hobbs, at the gallery entranceway, Tecumseh St.
Oluseye Ogunlesi, at home studio, Osler St.
Robert Birch, mid-reno at the gallery, Tecumseh St.
Cybèle Young, at the studio, Sousa Mendes St.
Clint Roenisch, at the gallery, St. Helen Ave.
Angela Milana, at the studio, Queen St. West
Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart, at home studio, Ridelle Ave.
Jeff Bierk, at the studio, Dupont St.
Shary Boyle, at the studio, Adrian Ave.
Mat Brown, at home studio, Dundas St. West
Steven Beckly, at the studio, Weston Rd.
William Fisk, at the studio, Ilford Rd.
Ben Woolfitt and Sandra Van Iderstine, at the studio, Queen St. West
Adina Sarig, at the workshop, Homewood Ave.
Margaux Smith, at the studio, Wiltshire Ave.
Shanna Van Maurik, at the studio, Wiltshire Ave.
Rajni Perera, at the studio, Carroll St.
Kristan Klimczak, at home studio, Pinewood Ave.

All photos are copyright (c) 2020 imagefoundry

High-resolution images are available free to all participants of this project. For any inquiries please contact me at [email protected]